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                  Latest News


                  CARES Act (COVID-19 Phase 3 Relief) Signed into Law
                  The CARES Act was passed by Congress and signed by President Trump on March 27. It is a $2 trillion relief package that will help shore up the U.S. economy in response to the COVID‐19 pandemic. The bill builds upon the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (Phase 2) passed recently and contains a number of measures aimed at helping a wide range of business sectors and individuals. Read the member-only summary here.
                  WDMA Updates on State “Stay-at-Home” and Business Closure Orders

                  WDMA has been tracking the growing list of state “stay-at-home” and business closure orders. For the most recent member-only updates, click here.
                  Families First Coronavirus Response Act (COVID-19 Phase 2 Relief) Signed Into Law
                  On March 18, the Senate passed H.R. 6201 and the bill was signed into law by President Trump. Click here for a more detailed legislative analysis.

                  WDMA COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources

                  WDMA has compiled information for members regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak with links to guidance and resources from the federal government to best prepare your company and employees to handle the novel coronavirus. WDMA will continue to communicate all relevant information from government agencies to members to ensure they are ready to respond. Click here to view resources.

                  BEE Consulting Joins WDMA
                  WDMA is pleased to announce that BEE Consulting is the newest member of the association.

                  The Window & Door Manufacturers Association defines the standards of excellence in the residential and commercial window, door, and skylight industry and advances these standards among industry members while providing advocacy resources, educational and professional programs, and ways for members to provide greater value to their customers.

                  Professionals with a combined 35 years of laboratory and technical experience, BEE Consulting provides knowledgeable testing for manufacturers, architects, and developers. They are an NFRC accredited simulation laboratory providing an excellent turnaround time and excellent customer service skills, also offering field services including air infiltration & water testing on fenestration products. Click here to read the full press release.

                  WDMA Releases 2020 National Policy Agenda
                  WDMA has released the 2020 WDMA National Policy Agenda a comprehensive advocacy agenda for 2020, which outlines important policy priorities for the window, door, and skylight industry that will boost the housing and construction industry and support continued job creation in the vital U.S. manufacturing sector.

                  "In this critical election year, Congress and the Trump Administration have an opportunity to advance legislation and policies that will continue to extend the current economic expansion," said WDMA Chair Robert Lewis, Senior Vice President & General Counsel for Masonite International. "Window, door and skylight manufacturers are vital to the building and housing industries and a thriving economy. The WDMA National Policy Agenda outlines policies that promote energy efficiency, fair trade, eliminate excessive regulations, promote workforce development and ensure manufacturers are able to help fuel continued economic growth in 2020 and beyond." Click here to read the full press release

                  WDMA Applauds Congress for Ratifying the USMCA
                  WDMA released the following statement regarding the vote by the U.S. Senate to ratify the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

                  “WDMA is pleased to see Congress approve the USMCA, which is a significant win for American manufacturing,” said WDMA President & CEO Michael O’Brien. “Approval of the agreement will provide stability in the North American trading relationship and will help spur economic growth in years to come. The North American market is a critical sector for the window, door and skylight industry, and we commend Congress for taking action on a new agreement that is critical to both the manufacturing and construction industries.” Click here to read the full press release.

                  WDMA Launches Initiative to Promote High-Performance Windows, Doors & Skylights
                  Builders, architects  and remodelers now have a new trusted resource when designing, specifying, and selecting high-performance windows, doors and skylights. The Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) has launched a new initiative called Open Up to Performance? to offer a wide variety of educational and informative content, including a new website, OpenUptoPerformance.com, which contains blog posts, videos, podcasts and webinars, created and curated by industry experts. It will be supported by a robust social media campaign.

                  The website is intended to help residential builders and remodelers, as well as residential and commercial architects and  specifiers make informed decisions about their customers’ windows, doors  and skylights. Click here to read the full press release.

                  Listen Up: WDMA's Latest Podcast is Now Live!
                  WDMA's latest episode of WDMA's new podcast WDMA Open & Close  is now available for download or listening.

                  Learn How WDMA Hallmark Certification is the Mark of Distinction
                  For more than 40 years, the WDMA Hallmark Certification Program has been the one product certification that provides dealers, builders, architects, and code officials with the promise of Total Product Performance. With 25 recognized primary standards, more than 175 material and component standards and follow-up quality audits, the WDMA Hallmark Certification Program represents the highest level of quality and is considered a mark of excellence in the industry. 

                  WDMA is committed to laying a stronger foundation for the industry, built on creating value and relevance for the residential and commercial window, door, and skylight professionals. Learn more by watching this short, informational video.

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